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1 CPU Core
20 GB Storage
$6.00 / month

1 CPU Core
40 GB Storage
$13.00 / month

2 CPU Cores
80 GB Storage
$19.00 / month

Virtual Private Servers

A VPS is a private virtual server created on a physical web server, which enables users to acquire their own web hosting server to save textual, visual and aural content. It offers a great balance between price and performance, so it is often the preferred choice for high resource-requiring websites that cannot be accommodated on a shared hosting platform. Because several individuals have their own personal virtual private server accounts on the very same physical web hosting server, all resources can be used, which diminishes the charge per individual. Each and every virtual private server grants full root access, which allows customers to install any software platforms or script libraries that may be needed for certain applications to function.

Upsides of the Virtual Private Servers Hosting Solution

The positive aspect of running a virtual private server is that it is totally autonomous from the other virtual private web server hosting accounts on the physical machine. It can be restarted, updated, and can even offer a different Operating System than those of the remaining private virtual web server hosting accounts on that machine. It is actually like a dedicated web hosting server, but a Virtual Private Server costs just a fraction of the price of a dedicated hosting server.

Restrictions of the Virtual Private Servers Hosting Solution

Each virtual private servers package includes some hard disk storage, monthly traffic and CPU usage limits. The Virtual Server companies are distributing diverse plans so each user can select the most appropriate plan for their requisites. A less advanced virtual server may be utilized to accommodate a single web site, whereas a more advanced one would be a more adequate environment for accommodating a number of websites and not bothering about system resources. We are among the top hosting service providers and we are offering a selection of VPS packages.

Web Hosting CP Alternatives: Hepsia, cPanel, DirectAdmin, etc.

The web content on a private virtual hosting server is managed via a web hosting Control Panel just as any other shared hosting package. This may be the website hosting CP that the hosting service vendor is offering, or any other web hosting CP that the client makes use of - Hepsia, cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, H-Sphere, and so on. All website files, e-mail accounts, databases and domain names can be administered through the website hosting CP, and given interfaces also offer various administration levels - master reseller, reseller, user, and so on. This unlocks plenty of possibilities for business as the private virtual web hosting server proprietors can resell web hosting packages or have resellers of their own. More capable individuals can handle everything via an SSH terminal too.

Virtual Private Servers Hosting - a Cheap and Dependable Service

A powerful feature of the VPS solution are the so-called "burstable" system resources. If a given website is creating substantial server load or approaches the allowance at a given time, more resources are assigned to this virtual web server if they are available on the physical server. This immensely helps to keep all sites online and renders the private virtual server a steady and reliable web hosting solution.

A Virtual Private Servers - The Reasonable Choice When You Require More Features

A Virtual Private Server is a great option for well known web pages that need plenty of resources. It is sufficiently powerful but at the same time it is much cheaper than a dedicated server. At Magnolia Sweets Web Hosting we deliver a number of diverse plans, upgrading from one to the other is also simple and no web site migration will be needed, hence there will be no outage duration as far as the domain names that are kept on the VPS server are concerned. The administration is not much different than that of a shared web hosting account, but the performance is much stronger in terms of stability and speed.